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Dec 26, 2017

Create a new Paddlecraft like Diablo Paddlesports did


Edited: Dec 27, 2017

It all starts with.......

It all starts with a small easy to shape model that I Tim Niemier carve for you

From here we can see what it is going to look like top and bottom

From here we carve it out perfectly full sized with a CNC machine after putting the shape into the computer.

And that becomes the mold for making Vacuum Formed halves that get put together

Put together into a nice shinny fishing kayak

In only 8 weeks Diablo had showroom quality kayaks to take to the show putting them a year ahead of schedule. They are still in business years later and doing great!! www.diablopaddlesports.com out of Austin Texas.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own paddleboard or kayak and get manufacturer direct pricing. Made here in the USA at competitive prices. If your a dealer you have a truly unique boat that no one else has and no one can compete with you. I am Tim Niemier and I started the sit on top kayak design in 1971 and have had a blast being around new designs since then. Now I am focusing on just the design part of the process because that is what I love to do. We are doing a project for a river tour company in Georgia who wanted a kayak that was not made anymore so we updesigned what he had and will be sending him 100 of them this spring. We just gave him a price for the kayaks and worked all the mold and other expenses in. The price we gave him was about what he paid last time he bought the kayaks.

Diablo Paddlesports www.diablopaddlesports.com asked us to design and make their first fishing kayaks. It was spring so they had to have something for the annual show in August. We made their showroom boats in just 8 weeks You can either start your own paddlesports or boat company but don't hassle with all the details. Just get a price per boat and go from there. It is easy.

Call or email me, tim@onwaterdesigns.com

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