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Used Plastic Bottle on Beach


Planet Made of Plastic


My mission is to get a billion butts in boats.  The problem with just about any one piece boat is that it is too big and heavy thus impractical.  Even a small boat has to have about twice the volume of a person which is about 180 pounds or 360 pounds or about 6 cubic feet.  When we make that a shape that goes through the water it is quit long.  By making a boat in pieces and having it unfold makes it very quick to set up and still put inside the car instead of on top of it.  The other way of having a boat go into a small package is to inflate it but this takes a while to inflate and deflate, can deflate with a leak, and is an environmental disaster for where it is built.  We may enjoy nature with an inflatable but destroy it somewhere else.  Making a boat in pieces from polyethylene could be easily be shipped back to the factory and become recycled.  It may even be possible to use recycled beach plastic.

The assumption is that plastic is bad because only 10% of it  gets recycled.  This assumption assumes that 90% of plastic can not be recycled.  Plastic is not recycled because until now it cost more than it is worth to sort and clean it.  The result is that being worthless it ends up in the ocean.  If plastic did have value then it would get recycled like the 90% of aluminum cans.  Think again.  There is a way of having dirty and dissimilar plastic have value because there is a cost effective way of recycle this plastic.  This would make this process economically sustainable and go a long way to make the earth environmentally sustainable.  And landfills what if we could profitably recycle everything that goes into the dump too.  
Dump the dumps!

Plastic Polluted Ocean
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