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New Moon

Create A New Concept

Have an idea for a new concept or project? get our professional advice and consulting. Let's make your dreams a reality.

Design is not just an idea but is a total concept.  It may start with a problem that is solved by a solution.  If this is a novel solution it is original.  I think all design was first dreamed or imagined as real.  At this time it may appear odd or even threatening to people not used to it.  After it becomes commonplace then people can't imagine life without it, like electricity or more recently the internet and maybe sooner than we think AI.  I would embrace any design problem and working on it.  One definition of a problem is that it really doesn't exist.  What exists is a false understanding of our assumptions like the earth being flat.  My approach to design is to challenge the assumptions and many times the problem evaporates.

What do you want.  Boats or anything.  Are you tired of having companies try to sell you what they like.  What if the public created the product themselves. Maybe you have an idea that someone or many people will want.   I live for the opportunity to make this dream become a reality.  What I want to do is to see if there is any interest in some wild and crazy ideas.  So you tell me your craziest ideas and I will wrestle with them and we will see what other people think.  If there is enough interest then it may be able to be built.  Everybody wins.

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