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Design and Produce Your Own Small Boat

The Malibu Outrigger was a boat that I fell in love with before I did any kayak designing.  This boat would sail faster than surf skis and would go on week long trips.  Going 20 to 40 miles in one day is completely possible. They were popular before the Hobie Cats and were different because they were made from wood and would flex beautifully in the wind.   The Outrigger could be pulled up the beach or one could sleep on boards between the hulls.  The problem was that they were too heavy so about 45 years ago I made a mold to make them from fiberglass so light that now they can be put on top of the car rather than on a trailer.  This new model is intended to be paddled too which the original Malibu's did do very well.  My love affair is coming back together and you are invited.


Are you ready to design your own kayak?  Maybe want to take it into production? On Water Designs takes care of all the details and helps you get to where you want to go. We can help you with one, one-hundred, or ten-thousand. 

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