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Don't miss out!  This classic ultimate rough water kayak will be available soon made from thermo composite material that is tough and much easier to repair than the old fiberglass.  Designed by Jim Kakuk of the Tsunami Rangers.  Time tested and proven in the roughest conditions.  Kayaks will be the same shape as the kayaks below with under the hull internal rudders and in white or maybe red top and white bottom.  Hatches the same with neoprene gasket for sealing and hard turtle shell lids.  Fiberglass poles on the side for easy entry and exit will be provided and be replaceable.  Weight of about 50 pounds will be the same and lighter weight models might be available in the future.
REMEMBER The pictures you see are experts that have done extreme rock gardening for years.  It takes a lot of experience to do this.  Don't try this without training.  Kayaking is an at your own risk sport.  There are many other things this boat will do in the Ocean that aren't as extreme.  Many people use these types of boats to find the ultimate secret beach.

These are the Legendary Tsunami Rangers on their paddle expeditions.  As you can see much of the paddling is like this picture not extreme but really beautiful.  Jim Kakuk likes to dive for Abalone off the northern California coast.

This is the basic boat with 3 hatches and fancy paint job. Seat belt not included

Ultimate Surf machine

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