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Why On Water Designs

We love the water and invite you to an excellent on water experience.  We want to make it easier for beginner and expert to go further and do more.  We want to bring you excellent BMW like design with Swiss Army Knife adaptability. 

Tim Niemier  Tim introduced the sit on top kayak to the world over 45 years ago in Malibu, which made it easy for anyone to kayak.  His goal is to get a billion butts in boats.  People have said that he has designed more boats on planet earth than anyone in history.  He started Ocean Kayak in 1971 and sold it 20 years ago.  He has not (and can’t) stop designing.  The Scuppro based on the Original Scupper, and the Malibu Outrigger are two of Tim’s first boats he designed and grew up with so it’s sort of de ja vu all over again. 

Mike Western   Mike grew up on wake boards and snowboards in the Seattle area.  He has worked in aerospace and has worked on equipment that is on the moon and on Mars.  Mike wants to get back to his roots in the water and like Tim loves to turn people on to any new way of being on the water through excellent design and technology.  Mike brings the technological advantage to On Water Designs and can make Tim’s designs become real in a way that has never been done before.

On Water Designs Team  It takes a team and there are many great people  all carefully making our small boats create your BIG dreams.

Northshore Designs is the design sector of our company that designs our own products as well as watercraft and just about anything else for you our customer.  We love solving problems by simply reviewing the assumptions.  There are no problems just incorrect assumptions.  Then the solution comes to the surface.  We have put people in the kayak business in as little as 8 weeks from concept to consumer with finished showroom product.  We simplify the process by selling you 1 kayak or other product, designed from scratch then a price on 10, etc.  Simple, we take care of everything so you use or sell your own custom watercraft.

Small Boats Big Dreams.

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